OrgPlus vs PPT

Still Struggling with PowerPoint to Create Org Charts?

PowerPoint has long been the tool HR Managers have been forced to use to create org charts. This is mainly because org charts are almost always needed in a hurry and PowerPoint is already installed on almost every PC used by professionals.

Just because PowerPoint can create org charts, does not mean it’s the best way to create and manage your organizational structure.

With software such as OrgPlus, which is specifically designed for HR professionals and employee data in mind, you can now easily create, manage and communicate boardroom-quality charts—all with hierarchy-based analytics, flexible formatting, professional templates, and simple publishing options that make workforce decision-making a snap.

Get Boardroom Quality Charts Fast with OrgPlus

In a side-by-side comparison of creating a boardroom quality org chart of 100 employees in OrgPlus vs. PowerPoint, we got the following results:

Only 29 boxes completed – no photos or subcharts 100 boxes – complete with photos and subcharts!

Benefits of Using OrgPlus Over PowerPoint

There are many benefits to using OrgPlus over PowerPoint. Here are just a few:

  • Quickly format and configure your chart
  • Automatically import employee data
  • Schedule updates for always accurate org charts
  • Use out-of-the box best-practice org chart views
  • Generate customized views with ease
  • Use formulas and conditional formatting to spot trends quickly
  • Easily drag and drop to make changes and create scenarios
  • Produce pre-defined HR reports with your employee data
  • Share your charts anytime, anywhere

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