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OrgPlus is the industry leading desktop-based organizational charting and planning software.

Forget about flipping through files and piecing together personnel data and information. With the OrgPlus suite of solutions all your pertinent workforce information is organized and stored in one intuitive central location that provides you with the answers you need instantly.

The world’s leading org charting

Insperity OrgPlus empowers medium-sized businesses to
easily visualise their workforce and make more informed
decisions using professional-looking organizational
charts and best-practice analytics. OrgPlus is the industry
standard desktop software for automating the creation
and publishing of org charts. It connects with your HR
database to streamline chart creation and place valuable
information in the hands of decision makers.

The world’s leading org charting application
Easily Manage Large Charts

Easily Manage Large Charts

Break large, complex charts into easy-to-manage
hyperlinked sub-charts, and save time by creating multiple
tabs within one file to present different views of the
organization. Chart information can be published to
navigable PDF, HTML, Microsoft Office documents and

Customize Charts

Personalize your charts by effortlessly applying colorfully
designed templates. Select from various box layout
options, multi-record options, to more efficiently
visualize large groups. Use optimized branch styles to
eliminate repetitive steps and improve chart views.

Customise Charts
Understand the Organization

Understand the Organization

OrgPlus embeds over three dozen commonly used HR
views into predefined View Templates. All you need to do
is map your data to OrgPlus fields, and you can quickly
toggle through organizational views ranging from contact
information to salary and diversity analysis.

Plan for the Future with Drag-and-Drop Modeling

Use intuitive and powerful tools to create one or more
organizational scenarios. Set limits for headcount, total
compensation or any other parameter and watch as your
updates take effect. Compare different scenarios
instantly, and when you are done, easily communicate
your scenarios to your stakeholders.

Plan for the Future with Drag-and-Drop Modeling

OrgPlus Video Tutorials

You can learn more about using OrgPlus by exploring our library of video tutorials

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